After the burkini ban, people are asking if France can outlaw fat men in Speedos too

In the wake of the controversial burkini ban that implemented across some French towns, people are calling for Speedos to be prohibited too.

Those calling for the ban are confused as to why the swimwear is allowed to be worn on the beach when burkinis are not. Some have even called the swimming trunks "offensive".

On Thursday, The Mideast Beast, a satirical Middle East news site, reported that Muslim women were demanding the criminalisation of fat, white men in Speedos in jest but, it appears calls from the wider public very much exist.

This follows the publication of images in which a woman was ordered to remove her burkini by armed police in Nice. A number of events, including a beach party protest, are taking place in response to the ban.

Speedos are worn by most men in France - and are often a requirement should you want to visit a public pool - allegedly for hygiene reasons.

indy100 will be at the beach party protest from 12pm to 2pm on Thursday - you can follow it live on our Facebook page.

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