21 Airbnb horror stories - from hidden cameras to mandatory shoe covers
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Airbnb, was founded in 2008 and quickly became a game-changer in the hospitality game. It is a super popular platform to rent cool and unique vacation homes across the world from regular people, but things don’t always go to plan.

In a Twitter post on Monday, Reid, who goes by @RVAReid on the app, tweeted about why he doesn’t care that much for Airbnb - and was deluged with responses agreeing.

“I personally don’t f**k with AirBnBs like that. They were a good idea in theory. But once they start being priced the same as hotels, it was like what’s the point? And I spend the first 30 minutes every time searching for cameras whenever I go to one,” Reid wrote.

In a subsequent tweet, he added that he was looking to book a spot in Los Angeles, California, with the reservation being for the entire house, only to realize that the owner was still there making breakfast.

As a result, people divulged some of the less than ideal things that occurred when they rented an Airbnb.

Check out some of those experiences below.

1. Just eat in the common area instead? Sounds like college dorm days.

2. Shoe covers the whole time? Oh my.

3. When the case of ‘he said she said’ goes wrong...

4. You never know who has a spare key to a place.

5. Imagine preparing for a holiday weekend only to have it canceled? Bummer.

6. The beds aren’t made, dishes in the sink, and blood on the floor? Goodness, gracious.

7. “Is this what it feels like to be on parole?”

8. Too many rules are no fun.

9. They came back to the surprise of a lifetime.

10. At least the case of the stolen remote was solved...

11. He was sitting there eating yogurt.

12. The host monitored the guest and friends the whole time.

13. He needed the whole day to conduct his photoshoot. No big deal, right? “??? Sick!!!!!!!!!!”

14. A shaggy dog’s hair was all over the place.

15. Taking a trip to the Family Dollar to get a new comforter and pillows seem valid in this case.

16. How do you break a hot tub exactly? A boulder?

17. It gives us hostel vibes unless that’s not what you signed up for.

18. A brief staring contest commenced.

19. It was a muddy and dog kibble mess.

20. Imagine being relaxed, writing something in a quiet room, and then a group of men barges in? Scary.“

21. At least the owner seemed to be cool with replacing what looked to be a hidden camera.

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