Woman goes to incredible lengths to retrieve her AirPod after it fell on train tracks

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AirPods are definitely the must-have piece of technology and sound equipment to have at the moment but keeping them in your ears is easier said than done.

Sure, they look cool but they can fall out of place at the slightest jolt and are so small that they can slide out of your hand and slip down the hardest of hard to reach gaps.

This is exactly what happened to New York City commuter Ashley Mayer earlier this week when her right AirPod fell out of her ear and on to the tracks of the subway.

Surely the little fella was lost for all eternity as Ashley wasn't prepared to reach down to the track (have you seen how dirty it is?) or even quickly jump down and grab as that would be far too dangerous.

She enquired with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority about potentially retrieving it but was told that it would take two hours and that she would have to be present.

Rather than go through that rigamarole, Ashley took the situation into her own ends and devised an ingenious plan to retrieve her headphone from the tracks.

Taking to the nearest supermarket she grabbed a broom and a roll of duct tape in the hope that the makeshift contraption might just be able to get the AirPod back.

Did it work? Of course, it did. Who are we to question the combined power of a broom and a piece of duct tape.

The question now was, would Ashley actually use the AirPod again as lord knows what was down there with it.

Ashley has confirmed that she is now using the AirPod again and it's is working 'wonderfully'.

Her amazing rescue operation has since gone viral and yes, people love it.

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