Bride's fury at 'attention-seeking younger sister' who decided to get married first

Bride's fury at 'attention-seeking younger sister' who decided to get married first

A younger sibling is asking if she is an a**hole for wanting to get married before her engaged (and very competitive) sister.


Sibling rivalry is a common thing, but this scenario takes the wedding cake.

A Reddit thread is going viral after a younger sister asked if she is an a**hole for wanting to get married before her engaged older sister, who announced her wedding first.

Redditor @lelealu, 25, said her sister, 27, is furious at the plans and said her sibling was jealous of her – despite the younger sister only hoping to get married sooner so her seriously ill brother-in-law can be best man at the wedding.

In the post, the younger sibling said: “I really feel bad and don’t know if I’m the a**hole and how I could make everybody happy.”

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She said she and her sister had always been very competitive, such as in sports and school grades, and it got to the point that the younger one changed to a different sport and studied completely different subjects to prevent tension with her sibling.

Next, it progressed it their personal lives and the older sister became “passive-aggressive” about the younger one having a boyfriend before her and moving in with him first.

Then, the older sibling announced last Christmas that she was getting married in 2023. The younger sister said she was “really happy for her.”

“I knew that she wanted to get married first and be the first one to have children and it didn’t bother me at all because I’m in no hurry,” she said.

Then, the younger sibling and her boyfriend, 26, received a phone call from his younger brother, 24, who said his doctor told him he has a very aggressive disease.

The Redditor said: “My boyfriend was his best man for his brothers wedding (their dad died when they were little and they are very close). It meant a lot to him.”

After receiving the news, she said her boyfriend asked her if she would marry him.

“He said that he could understand if it’s not that romantic,” she said, “but he said he wanted to marry while his brother is here and to have him as his best man.”

The Redditor said she didn’t care for a big and fancy wedding anyway and would rather a day spent with her loved ones.

“I agreed because I love him and I also know how happy it would make his little brother,” she said. “But, I immediately knew that this would cause stress with my sister.”

Her sister, who knew that the boyfriend’s brother was very ill, became angry and said her sister was jealous and “using a dying person to get married first”. Ouch.

“I know that she was overreacting but I also feel bad because she announced it first and it means so much to her and I don’t want to ruin her moment. So AITA?”

The comments sections overwhelmingly sided with the younger sibling.

One user said: “Not the a**hole, you’re doing something very sweet for your soon to be husband. Your sister needs to grow up and realize that not everything in life is a competition.”

Another commented: “I’m just going to be blunt, your sister sucks. Your sister is throwing a temper tantrum over something that means nothing and taking away from what should be a happy event surrounded by love for you.”

Another added: “Shut your sister down hard if she ever dares to say something like that to you again. What an awful thing to think, let alone say. She should be ashamed of herself. Your sister owes you a big apology.”

One even said: “If it’s any consolation, she'll probably beat you to divorce court.”

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