All the weird bets that might now have to happen, and those that won't

This has been an election of surprises. Polls in the build-up had Labour and the Conservatives neck-and-neck and things were just too close to call.

As such, politicians, journalists and bloggers just had to put their neck on the line and, well, try to call what was going to happen - making some pretty stupid wagers along the way.

Following such a surprisingly dominant victory for the Tories, here’s where those bets stand now:

Katie Hopkins’ emigration

Hopkins, who must be classed among Britain’s most hated women, pledged to leave the country and head for one of the “poorest places on the planet” if Ed Miliband became prime minister. Alas, the Tories have won and Hopkins is staying.

Paddy Ashdown’s hatshock exit pollAlastair Campbell’s kilt
Dan Hodges’ streak

That’s right, back in 2012, Telegraph columnist Dan Hodges promised to streak down Whitehall in a Nigel Farage mask while singing Land of Hope and Glory.

This one we look forward to less.

Stephen Tall’s streak

Stephen Tall, a blogger for Lib Dem Voice, also pledged to run naked down Whitehall if his party lost half its seats. In 2010, the Lib Dems had 57 MPs. After Thursday’s election, they’re left with eight. So, um, by our maths…

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