For those lucky enough to own a swimming pool, one of their worst nightmares is probably waking up to find an alligator taking a dip in it.

But that’s exactly what happened to a couple in Florida, who found that an 11ft (3m) alligator had broken through their fence and decided to go for a swim in their indoor pool.

Patricia Carver told Skythat her husband had woken her up after he heard noises coming from the pool. When he saw “the head of a ‘gater”, they called the police.

Police officers from Sarasota County arrived on the scene and called animal rescue, who hauled the alligator out of the pool. By the way, the average American alligator weighs up to 454kg.

Though they were not sure where it came from, Carver believes low water levels in local lagoons might have encouraged the alligator into her pool.

The police were loving it

So were people online

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