‘Hero’ Amazon driver follows homeowner’s instruction to kill spider outside front door in viral TikTok

<p>(Left) TikToker Gwen’s note for the Amazon delivery driver (Right) The driver following Gwen’s request to kill the spider</p>

(Left) TikToker Gwen’s note for the Amazon delivery driver (Right) The driver following Gwen’s request to kill the spider


A TikToker has gone viral after requesting her Amazon driver kill a spider that was hanging around on her front door.

Gwen Sanchez – a self proclaimed “Spider-hater” from Texas – had a dilemma when she noticed an enormous spider on her front door.

Too scared to move the spider herself, she decided to ask her Amazon delivery driver in the “additional instructions” section to remove the spider for her.

In the TikTok, Gwen shared a screenshot of her message that she wrote in addition to asking the driver to leave her package in front of the garage.

“There is a huge spider on my front porch who is refusing to leave and I’m too scared to go out my front door.”

She added: “If you could kill the spider for me that would be amazing. Thank you!”

The next clip shows the enormous spider scuttling across Gwen’s doorbell cam.

(Left) Gwen’s doorbell camera (Right) footage from the doorbell camera of the spider that the TikToker was terrified ofTikTok/gwenniesanchez

Luckily for Gwen, the delivery driver decided to help out with her spider problem.

The clip then shows footage from Gwen’s doorbell camera where the Amazon delivery driver can be seen looking for the spider and is able to kill it with his shoe.

Gwen added in the caption of the video: “Help me find this driver so I can thank him!”

Her TikTok has since been viewed over 9.3m times with 2m likes and thousands of comments from people praising the driver for going out of his way. You can watch the video in full here.

One person wrote: “He puts the ‘prime’ in Amazon Prime.”

“Not all heroes wear capes,” another person said.

Someone else added: “TOOK OFF THE WHOLE SHOE. A real one.”

“Hero’s live amongst us,” a fourth person commented.

While others were concerned at the sheer size of the spider.


“That was not a spider. That was a demon from the underworld and I would have burned the whole house down,” another person wrote.

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