Amazon’s ‘£3.99 air fryer’ sends Twitter into a frenzy

<p>The 4.5-litre RUXINGGU Air Fryer has been snapped up for just £3.99 </p>

The 4.5-litre RUXINGGU Air Fryer has been snapped up for just £3.99


An Amazon air fryer has caused a Twitter storm after it was on sale for just £3.99 - a huge £44 knocked off the original price in a huge “glitch” for the shopping website.

It was a dramatic drop in price (92% discount to be exact) for the 4.5-litre RUXINGGU Air Fryer which boasts a 30-minute timer and also offers special modes including chicken, chips, fish, steak, shrimp, pork and even cake. You can view the product here.

The online “glitch” for the company has meant people have snapped themselves up a real bargain.

People who were lucky enough to get their hands on the discounted product have been sharing their hilarious reactions to the dreaded thought that the air fryer might not be as good as they hoped.

Elsewhere people commented on the fact that us Brits do love a bargain - the words “air fryer” briefly trended on Twitter, so many are pretty hyped for their Amazon delivery to find out for themselves if the £3.99 bargain was worth it.

Meanwhile, others joked about what the £3.99 air fryer would be like to fry chips with, or anything else for that matter - with some predicting it would be a futile mission...

One person is certainly not prepared to take any risks...

The Amazon link to the air fryer appears to not be working now, so the people who managed to purchase one are understandably pretty pleased with themselves.

Though some have shared their disappointment after claiming Amazon emailed them to say their air fryer has been cancelled.

Oh well, guess it was worth a shot.

indy100 has reached out to Amazon for comment.

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