Terry Crews criticised for ‘cosplaying as poor person’ in Amazon ad

Terry Crews criticised for ‘cosplaying as poor person’ in Amazon ad

Actor Terry Crews has faced criticism after appearing on an Amazon advert that caused some to accuse him of “cosplaying as a poor person”.

In the advert, the 53-year-old Brooklyn Nine‑Nine star is seen working in an Amazon warehouse and goofing around with staff.

He encouraged people to apply for the “bajillion” jobs Amazon is currently hiring for, singing praises for the company’s “flexible hours” and benefits.


#ad @Amazon has got gigs (and benefits) for days. So, check them out. Like now!

Terry Crews posted the advert to his TikTok and quickly racked up almost half a million views.

One comment with over a thousand likes reads: “Yeah, but do they pay a living wage?”

Another TikToker wrote: “They let you use the bathroom?”

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The remark about the bathroom break harks back to a previous controversy when it was alleged that time-poor workers resorted to peeing in bottles in lieu of toilet breaks. In 2018 bottles of pee were allegedly found by author James Bloodworth when he went undercover at an Amazon warehouse. Amazon has denied the claim.

In a second video posted by the actor titled “Why work at Amazon?” he is seen using an Amazon box as a weight as he works out. On-screen text reading “flex” appears with each rep before “flexible schedules” is spelled out.

Both adverts on the actor’s TikTok include #ad in the caption.


#ad @Amazon jobs work around your schedule. Not the other way around. Whaaaat?!!! Check it out.

People took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Crews’s collaboration with the brand.

Journalist Elie Mystal slammed the clips as “Terry Crews cosplaying as a poor person” to do an advert for “union-busting”.

This isn’t the first time the multinational has been accused of “union-busting”. Earlier this year The New York Times ran a piece titled “How Amazon Crushes Unions” while The Guardian reported on an “aggressive anti-union drive” at an Alabama warehouse in February of this year.

Amazon has previously received criticism over employee working conditions. In 2017 an investigation found employees falling asleep standing up and when the pandemic hit, warehouse workers spoke of “an atmosphere of fear”. 

Others also chimed in, including journalist Edward Ongweso Jr who shared the video with a vomit emoji.

Others didn’t see anything particularly wrong with the advert. One Twitter user said: “It’s a recruitment ad, no more no less.”

Naturally, some also made fun of the advert:

What are your thoughts on the advert?

Indy100 has reached out to Amazon for comment.

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