America just discovered the Yorkshire Pudding and British people are furious

When it comes to food Americans and Brits just can't get along, can they?

Not so long ago, Brits got irate after Americans thought that they had just discovered a chip butty.

And let's not get started on the whole sausage roll debacle.

So it stands to reason that our American brothers and sisters would also be perplexed by the most British of dishes, the Yorkshire pudding.

Yes, Yorkshire Puddings. The light fluffy food that you have with your Sunday roast usually smothered in gravy.

For some reason, according to some lovely people in the States it's entirely possible that the consensus of there is to eat them with, erm, jam. And they should be referred to as pancakes.

At least that's what The New York Times thought when they apparently discovered the northern delicacy last year anyway.

We can see why they would think that this is a pancake but come on this is a Yorkshire Pudding and probably isn't that nice for breakfast, let alone with jam.

Better yet, The New York Times link takes you through to a recipe for something called a 'Dutch Baby.'

We're honestly lost for words and so were most of the Internet.

But this story is more complex than you might think.

There was also a strong debate about the difference between a Yorkshire Pudding and a Dutch Baby.

Some people did admit that they have eaten a Yorkshire Pudding as if it was a dessert - and now we don't know what to think.

HT Joe

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