America has just discovered the chip butty and Brits aren't happy

The chip sandwich or chip butty, as it is more commonly known is a treasured delicacy in the British Isles.

As we all know, American's never pass up the chance to indulge in something that is highly unhealthy.

Just look at Donald Trump's diet - and who can forget when they thought they had invented the sausage roll and went crazy for it?

Now, they have just discovered the sacred chip butty and are trying to pass it off as something entirely new.

This all came about after the American media outlet Insider shared a video from a restaurant in Istanbul which made a more traditional version of the sandwich named a Patso burger.

We wouldn't begrudge anyone enjoying a chip butty - but British Twitter users have taken exception to America claiming the sandwich as their own.

One person recalled the sausage roll debacle.

While another introduced everyone to the rarely seen pie butty, which looks absolutely delicious.

We can't wait to see their reaction when they finally discover how to make a good cup of tea.

HT Twitter Moments

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