An American is documenting his trip to London and it's hilarious

An American is documenting his trip to London and it's hilarious
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An American man is documenting his trip to London on TikTok and we are living for it.

TikToker and photographer, Adeib El Masri (@adeibb), has been in the UK for less than one week yet already has over 2.5 million views for his videos of his adventures around the capital, which include him navigating Storm Eunice, bantering with Brits and almost falling asleep on the Tube.

The Palestinian-American, based in Los Angeles, describes himself as "spiritually British" and has over one million followers on the app for his story times, comedy and mimicking the English accent (and he’s actually pretty good at it, too!)

In his first video from London, posted on 15 February and currently standing at over 800,000 views and 230,000 likes, Masri passionately announces to his followers "babes, I’m in the UK. You know what’s better than Kanye? Queen Lizzie," while he stands outside Buckingham Palace.


I’m no longer spiritually British, I’m GEOGRAPHICALLY BRITISH BAYBE💀💀💀 #british #britishaccent #storytime 🇬🇧😩💀💀💀

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His next stop was Big Ben, where he asked someone if it was broken due to the construction work around the building, to which he said they replied (in true, grumpy Londoner fashion) "no, it’s under construction, can’t you see? If it’s broken, it wouldn’t be there."

Masri described the response as "a bit aggressive, if you ask me."

In his next TikTok which has over half a million views, he described Brits as having "Stockholm syndrome" due to being amazed and excited over blue skies and a few sunny spells.


Some observations in London 💀 also I have a new motto and Oyster card is in it #storytime #british #britishaccent #london #oystercard

While he isn’t entirely wrong, the next day, Masri got caught in Storm Eunice.

In his video, captioned "Storm Eunice: 1, Adeib: 0", Masri said: "Apparently there’s a storm in England today? I don’t think they understand how weather works. There’s more sun than yesterday, how is this worse weather? I’m confused."

Yet, things quickly progressed for Masri as the wind began to pick up throughout the day. Next, after almost falling asleep on the tube, ordering coffee in an English accent and going thrift shopping in Shoreditch, things took a turn for the worst as Masri had to walk home due to storm-related train cancellations and a tree branch flew at his head in the process.

Alas, he survived (and garnered over one million views).


Storm Eunice: 1 | Adeib: 0 #stormeunice #london #britishaccent #londonvlog #storytime

In his antics from his most recent video, he said in his almost-perfect English accent: “I need to speak to Queen Lizzie because why is the tube closing so early?”

His other adventures include being asked for £50 by a stranger, witnessing a drunk man shouting at three police officers while his girlfriend dramatically tries to defend him and taste-testing a British McDonalds, which he described as “less cancerous” compared to the US.


British pick me girls are superior idc it’s a fact #storytime #british #britishaccent #london #londonvlog

All in all, we can’t wait for Masri’s next London adventures on TikTok.

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