American baffled by UK trees 'in tiny cages': 'Do people steal them?'

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An American living in the UK has gone viral after turning to TikTok to ask why trees in Britain are contained in "tiny cages."

TikTok user @swfinds turned to the platform to ask the question we've never really considered before. "Can someone please tell me why all trees in the UK are locked in tiny cages?" They added, "Do people steal them?"

The clip garnered over 4 million views in 24 hours and racked up thousands of hilarious responses that certainly didn't disappoint. One joked: "They are in prison – for treeson." Another suggested it was because they were in quarantine from Covid.

"To stop them wandering around," one user humoured. "I had to chase one around B&M a few weeks ago; it was a nightmare."

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The creative comments didn't stop there after one hilarious user fabricated a story that the trees "get up and go for a swim and get really drunk" on the Queen's birthday. "They have to be looked up till then," the user added.

Another humoured: "People found out money grows on them."

British workout apparel retailer, Gymshark also joined in on the fun and jested: "It's to stop people deadlifting with them."

So, why are UK trees contained in small cages?

Here's the answer you've all been waiting for, and sadly, it's not half as exciting as the TikTok responses.

According to The Tree Council, tree guards are used "to stop animals —from mice and rabbits to deer and horses — damaging young trees by eating the shoots and leaves or stripping the bark."

They are also intended to enhance tree growth by offering support and helping the tree grows upwards rather than out.

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