<p>Amy Schumer (left) and her doppelganger Amelia</p>

Amy Schumer (left) and her doppelganger Amelia

Getty Images, Twitter/@celinatruckstop

Hollywood star Amy Schumer has found her doppelgänger, according to a now viral tweet.

A truck driver, named only as Amelia, was photographed at a gas station in Tennessee, which then posted the snap online.

Amelia regularly makes pitstops at Celina 52 Truck Stop, whose staff posted about their customer on Twitter.

And while the message was ostensibly about the driver’s teardrop tattoo, Twitter users soon became much more interested in her uncanny resemblence to the actress and comedien.

The post has now been liked more than 17,500 thousand times and shared more than 6,000 times, as viewers shared their bewilderment at the spitting image.

Here’s what they had to say:

Others honed in on other interesting elements of the picture, including a sign in the background reading: “Stop pooping in our parking lot”.

The post eventually made its way to a baffled Schumer, who responded:

After their initial tweet went viral, the truck stop posted again telling people to stop comparing Amelia to Schumer.

They wrote: “Quit calling her Amy Schumer. Amy Schumer doesn’t have a tattoo for accidentally running over a pedestrian.”

Danny Brine, the truck stop’s manager, told the New York Post that Celina 52 is a pseudonym used for the real truck stop and confirmed Amelia’s “teardrop tattoo story is real”.

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