An American woman called Elizabeth Line is a bit confused about this whole Crossrail thing

As we reported earlier today, Crossrail is to be named Elizabeth Line.

It has since emerged that there is a woman called Elizabeth Line. Because of course there is.

We asked what she thought about the announcement:

When I woke up this morning, a friend had texted to let me know I was trending on Twitter. My first thought was.....'it's finally happening!!'

Working for a publisher in New York, Elizabeth had no idea that she shared her name with a British transport line.

I wracked my brain to make sure I hadn’t done anything that would cause my family any embarrassment.

Once I found out about the Crossrail naming, I settled comfortably into my 15 minutes.

While she hasn't yet been tweeted by any angry (or amused) Brits, she is certainly hopeful.

How do you feel about the future possibility of British people tweeting you to complain about delays in the line when it opens in 2018?

I'm looking forward to doing my part to calm the frustrations of stressed commuters in the future. I live in NYC so I'm sympathetic.

You tweeted the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York. How can they outdo TFL?

Keep the 'L' line running consistently over the next 3 years.

Referred to as the 'hipster line', the tunnels were damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the MTA has proposed plans to close the line for a year, causing a mass outcry in New York.

Despite the future turmoil she may face from irate British commuters, sharing her name with a British Tube line has definitely made her day.

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