The Andrew Dawson conspiracy theory explained

Is This The Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory Of All? | Unveiled

The internet is full of conspiracy theories, but one concerning a supposed "giant" on a mountain top has left people scratching their heads and question what happened to Andrew Dawson.

It all began back in April 2022 when Dawson (@andykapt) went viral with a TikTok where he claimed to see a "giant" on top of a snowy mountain.

The footage shows him capturing the landscape from the passenger side of a car as he zoomed in on what looked a figure walking on a mountain - though given how far he is from the mountaintop, there could be a reasonable explanation.

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"It’s a person dude," Dawson said. “No seriously, pull over. It’s a person standing there," though another person can be heard dismissing his claim.

This seemingly piqued the interest of people as it received over 10.2m views as well as 34.9m views when reshared on Twitter on January 9 2023.

Then in follow-up posts he similarly shared zoomed-in clips of the mountain where the figure, shape or shadow (or whatever it was) wasn't there but the TikToks still received millions of views.

In a strange turn of events, Andrew claimed in a video that he was stopped by a "CIA agent" on two occasions who said he was “trespassing” and blocked off the road.

Dawson also uploaded a clip of a light above the mountain in the sky to the tune of The X Files theme song as he questioned whether it was a "UFO."

He also posted a video where he claimed he was being "stalked."

After not posting videos for a while, Dawson returned to TikTok in May where he updated his followers: “I’m not dead, I have not disappeared. I have just been busy with life.”

“Sorry to disappoint everyone but all the videos that I posted were scripted. They were just fake, they were just strictly for entertainment,” he added while he had his hands in his pockets and glanced a few times off camera to his left.

However, ten days later in a video titled "I'm scared," he told his followers that they “might not see [him] post ever again”, before claiming in the short clip that the "giant" videos were not fake.

Following this, he then uploaded a video on May 18, 2022 of the mountain, this time questioning whether it was the military that were at the top.

There has been no evidence to verify the claims Dawson made in his TikTok videos.

Dawson has not posted on TikTok since then, causing people on the platform to theorise what has happened to him and what the "giant" could be.

When this story was posted to Reddit's "Out of the Loop" forum, user highrisedrifter shared his thoughts: "Answer: This is Canoe Mountain in British Columbia. The ‘giant’ in the video is actually a tower".

“That’s it. There’s nothing more to it than that. It’s not a giant."

A link to Google Maps was also included that shows the top of Canoe Mountain which included the tower they believe could have been what Dawson spotted in the viral video, though this location wasn't confirmed by the TikToker.

Sadly, it appears Dawson has passed away after obituaries for him appeared online that both state he died on July 1 2022 aged 34, with the cause of death not mentioned.

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