Andrew Tate calls on Ben Shapiro to comment on Synagogue tunnels by using antisemitic conspiracy

Andrew Tate calls on Ben Shapiro to comment on Synagogue tunnels by using antisemitic conspiracy
Andrew Tate accuses Ben Shapiro of having 'short man syndrome' in bizarre …

Andrew Tate – remember him? The self-proclaimed misogynist and all-round irritant has been quiet of late while he and his brother await trial in Romania, having been accused of forming a criminal gang to exploit women – both deny the allegations.

Now, though, he’s called on Ben Shapiro to comment on the Synagogue tunnels story which broke earlier this week, all while citing an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

It comes after the discovery of underground tunnels beneath the world headquarters for the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in New York, which led to a rise in antisemitic misinformation on social media.

Passageways underneath 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn were recently uncovered, leading to chaotic scenes. Attempts were made to fill in the gaps between two adjoining buildings underground which had been knocked down by yeshiva students, which led to a brawl between students and police.

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The story has led to anti-semitic memes and conspiracy theories being circulated on social media, and now Tate has asked prominent Jewish conservative commentator Shapiro to comment on it.

Tate asked a question referencing an antisemitic conspiracy theory – before being quickly rebutted by a community note.

He wrote: “Hello @benshapiro please explain the tunnels under a synagogue that lead to a kids museum? Thanks.”

The corresponding community note read: "The tunnel does not lead to a kids museum. It leads to an abandoned Jewish mikvah, or ritual bath, around the corner on Union Street."

Shapiro hasn’t yet responded – and if he keeps being asked about conspiracy theories, then we doubt he will.

After the tunnels story broke this week, some followers of QAnon baselessly suggested that the tunnels were being used for human trafficking and that they were also being used to transport human meat to a branch of McDonald's.

Andrew Tate's brother, Tristan also posted on X/Twitter, likening the Jewish people to rats because of the story. “I don’t care what your race or religion is… If you scurry around underneath a city in tunnels the world is going to liken you to rats,” Tate wrote. “Defeat stereotypes … don’t build secret rat like tunnel networks under New York.”

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