Inside Andrew Tate's $50-a-month Hustler's University

Inside Andrew Tate's $50-a-month Hustler's University
Influencer Andrew Tate detained amid human trafficking probe

We've been taken inside Andrew Tate's 'Hustler's University and the review is in.

A fan of former kickboxer turned controversial content creator Tate, has revealed the things he learned from his $49.99-a-month subscription to Hustler's University.

In a report from The New York Post, Blake Phillips, a 22-year-old retail worker from Norman, Oklahoma, said he learned a lot from the notorious social media creator's wealth-building platform, The Real World.

The online "global community of like-minded individuals" is considered the second part of Tate's three-step plan.

It starts with Hustler's University, which is an "exclusive community" where people can learn to make money from online instructors.

People also select one of five skills (copywriting, e-commerce, freelancing, Amazon FBA, and artificial intelligence), receiving "completely online" business models that can help them reach a "six-figure-income."

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Phillips said The Real World's instructors gave him the "fundamentals" of the copywriting world using videos.

"You can actually ask the professor any question you want," he said.

Phillips told the Post about one of the instructors for copywriting and freelancing, known as Dylan Madden.

"He's very good at selling with words. I realized I didn't even know what copywriting really was until Dylan Madden taught it. He showed exactly how you can do it and how to make more money than doctors if you do it right," Phillips said.

Madden, presents himself online as a freelancing and copywriting expert who turned his skill into a six-figure income.

On Wednesday (4 January), he took to his Twitter to highlight the "positive impact" Tate had in his life, such as improving his career and working out.

Phillips also said he paid for two months of Real World content and doesn't plan to stop in the future, despite Tate being held for 30 days by Romanian authorities.

On 29 December, Tate, his brother Tristan and two others were arrested based on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and the formation of an organised crime group.

But Phillips doesn't believe Tate "did that s*** at all," noting that those around Tate are respectable folks.

Elsewhere, Phillips also told the Post that the content creator "tells the truth and is a positive influence to both men and women "who feel the same way."

Read more of the Post's report here.

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