Another bird has been pictured riding on a bird - this keeps on happening

The US department of the interior shared a remarkable photo on Monday night which showed a red-winged blackbird appearing to hitch a ride on the back of a red-tailed hawk.

Instagram/@usinterior/Mike White

The photo was captured in the DeSoto and Boyer Chute national wildlife refuge, which spans across Nebraska and Iowa, by Mike White.

"We see territorial blackbirds (among others) dive-bombing raptors," the department explained. "But this is definitely something you don't see every day."

The image put us in mind of some of nature's other hitch-hikers from the recent past, including this baby weasel clinging on for dear life as the woodpecker it tried to attack in the Hornchurch Country Park in London took to the skies:

Picture: Martin Le-May

Or this crow attacking a bald eagle in Washington state:

And this western kingbird grabbing onto a hawk in El Salvador:

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