'She's worked bloody hard,' Elton John says of Queen Elizabeth

A video of Anthony Bourdain sourly reacting to a toast to the Queen is going viral after Queen Elizabeth's death.

Bourdain, who died in 2018, was a renowned chef, author, documentarian, and apparently ... aristocracy-hater.

In season 11, episodes 3 of Bourdain's food and travel series Parts UnknownBourdain travels to Newfoundland, Canada where he has dinner with a group of friends and fellow chefs.

As they begin a cheers one man dedicates the toast "to the Queen," referring to Queen Elizabeth II who served as a constitutional monarch over Canada for 70 years.

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As the rest of the group sipped their drink, Bourdain hesitated and stared at the man issuing the toast.

"No, I hate the aristocracy, man," Bourdain says while refusing to take a sip.

The clip resurfaced this week and resonated with anti-monarchists. One Twitter user, RileyGryc, posted it with the caption "monarchists vs. literally the rest of the world [right now]."

The clip was viewed over a million times on Twitter.

Bourdain was well-known for traveling around the globe and advocating for the cuisines, cultures, and people of developing countries.

"I honestly would expect nothing less of Bourdain - he spent his career visiting people in colonized countries, learning about their local foods and customs and cultures, and seeing the impact of empire," A Twitter user wrote.

Many people particularly loved the shady side-eye Bourdain gave the person toasting to the Queen.

"The side-eye from Bourdain needs to be a new meme or something, this is astounding," Will wrote.

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