Anti-vaxxer puts her life at risk by blocking a tram in protest to jab mandates

Anti-vaxxer puts her life at risk by blocking a tram in protest to jab mandates

An anti-vaxxer has gone viral after she was filmed risking her life by sitting on a tram truck in protest against the vaccine mandate in Australia.

TikToker Dave (@davek984) was an onlooker who filmed as the strange situation unfolded. The footage shows the woman sitting on the tram track with a small dog in her arms.

Local officers appeared to approach her to try and get her to move but she was having none of it and claimed she was “standing up for her own country.”

“You know what? I have not got a job anymore,” she told witnesses.

“I worked with people with early-onset dementia,” she continued, trying to elicit empathy. “I loved my job. I can’t work with [people] I love anymore because some a****le is telling us we have to be f***ing jabbed.”

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“I’m sorry. I’m f***ing over it,” the anti-vaxxer said and repeated.

Concerned members of the public can then be seen approaching the woman to check her wellbeing.

But she remained resilient in her efforts and told those nearby: “I am not getting off the f***ing road,” she said. “I’m staying here. I don’t give a f**k.”

As one woman attempts to reason with the anti-vaxxer, the protester appears to get angry and more animated in response, raising her voice as she tells her to “F**k off.”

The anti-vaxxer then explains to her that she cares about the state and the place she lives in, before dropping another f-bomb.

The woman who tried to reason with her then leaves, and the footage shows a police car arriving.

When more officers approach, the anti-vaxxer warns them not to touch her dog, and describes feeling “angry.”

“F**k off, Michael. You are not my keeper,” she then shouts at a man she appears to know as he spoke with an officer.

A tram could then be seen nearby on the tracks and is on course go through where the anti-vaxxer is currently protesting.

The clip ends as yet another police car arrives on the scene and it remains unclear as to what happened after this.

Since posting the footage, Dave’s video has received over 500,000 views, and it had led to plenty of comments berating the anti-vaxxers actions.

One person wrote: “She loved her job working with the vulnerable but wouldn’t get vaccinated to protect them. She has no place working in healthcare. Bye.”

“My mum has early onset dementia and there is no way I’d let her work with my mum unvaccinated,” another person said.

Someone else added: “If you loved your job and the people you care for you’d get vaccinated to protect them.”

“I’m more concerned for that poor dog!!” A fourth person wrote.

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