Anti-vaxxer’s argument falls apart when she asks why a homeless man hasn’t died from Covid

<p>The amazing interaction was caught on camera </p>

The amazing interaction was caught on camera

Twitter / @FilmThePoliceLA

A homeless man’s quick response to an anti-vaccine protester on LA’s Hollywood Boulevard has gone viral.

Uploaded to Twitter by a page called “Film the Police LA”, the video shows a small group of people holding placards with one woman shouting into a megaphone: “Do you see all of these homeless people around. Are they dead in the street from Covid? Hell no. Why?”

A man pushing a trolley walked by and quipped: “Because I’m vaccinated you dumb f***.”

The woman continues shouting as the man strolls down the road.

Since it was uploaded on Wednesday the video has been viewed 3.2 million times, and has garnered over 120,000 likes.

The original poster wrote: “Today I’m gonna search for this patriot. Once we find him, it’d be cool if someone could handle setting up a GoFundMe for him.”

Updating the thread four hours later, the uploader said they found people who recognise the man and say he is nice and always wishes them good morning when he sees them.

Hours later, we had another update — the man was found.

“His name is Ray. Walking to the bank to get him some immediate cash. He doesn’t have ID nor a phone. He’s waiting on his ID. Says he plans on getting phone after,” the update read.

He shared a video of his chat with Ray, a Denver man who has been in LA for seven years.

The uploader said: “Ray gave the whole country, honestly internationally, people not just a good laugh but honestly sends a strong message.”

Thousands of people reacted to the original video, with some cracking jokes at the anti-vaxxer’s expense.

Others, such as content producer Arielle Castillo highlighting people’s problematic attitude towards homeless people.

Studies have shown that being double-jabbed can prevent hospitalisation across different variants of COVID-19.

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show that in England, out of the 51,281 Covid deaths in the first six months of 2021, just 256 of these were fully-vaccinated people.

Despite all the evidence, some people will continue believing they know more after a five minute Google search than the world’s top scientists and medical professionals.

We’re with Ray on this one.

Sadly, there isn’t a vaccine for stupidity just yet — but we wish there was.

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