Man creates app to keep track of when TikTok couples split up

Man creates app to keep track of when TikTok couples split up

Man creates app to keep track of when TikTok couples split up

TikTok / @itsethankeiser

There has been a recent trend on TikTok of people claiming to have found their soulmates despite planning to stay single after ditching their toxic exes.

But how likely is it to last? One TikToker has the answer.

Ethan Keiser looked at the top 500 videos posted to the sound associated with the trend and looked at if they were still together six months after showing off their “soulmate” on the app.


The results at the end are wild. Did I discover the holy grail of dming? #rebound #soulmate #miami

He explained that to track the relationship, he wrote some code and created an app called Rebound.

By plugging in the couples’ Instagram handles, Ethan can judge If they’re still together based on whether or not they still follow each other.

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If a couple unfollows each other - presumably after a breakup - Ethan receives a push notification.

But he goes a step further to verify his findings.

A day after the Instagram breakup, he slides into their DMs to compliment their TikTok videos. He said he received a 30 per cent response rate to DMs one day after the supposed breakups.

He estimates that nearly 40 per cent of the “soulmate” relationships broke up within 24 weeks.

Ethan concluded: “Not only were most of them not soulmates, they were also already moving on and responding to DMs.”

Since it was uploaded a day ago, the clip has received 3.2 million views, almost half a million likes, and 6,000 comments.

“This is top tier nosy,” one viewer wrote.

“Bro is a dating detective,” another joked.

Popular TikToker Daniel Mac tagged Tinder and said: “Hire this man for your code”.

Since the video took off, Ethan created a form so those interested in downloading the app for themselves can be notified when it’s live.

We’ve signed up, and will keep you posted…

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