Amusement arcade fills grabber machine with toilet roll as coronavirus panic-buying continues

In case you hadn’t noticed, anxiety over coronavirus is making people act a little bit strange.

Toilet roll is hard to come by and hand sanitiser is selling for hundreds of pounds on eBay.

Now an amusement arcade has provided everyone with some much-needed comic relief by playing panic-buyers at their own game.

Instead of their normal arcade prizes, they’ve put rolls of toilet paper inside their 30p-a-go grabber machine.

Genius, right?

Like most of Britain, Eddy Chapman has been baffled by terrified shoppers clearing supermarket shelves in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

The 34 year-old said his idea was a way to spread some cheer in these worrying times and he hopes his customers will see the funny side.

He said:

I think all this panic buying of toilet roll has been loo-dicrous, and so came up with this idea to hopefully get people to calm down.

It’s 30p a go and we’ve replaced the plush toys in the machine with the loo paper, it’s not quilted or anything, just bog standard. 

It’s just a bit of fun which is what coming to seaside towns like Bridlington is all about, I think people need to relax a little and stop panic buying.

The government has appealed for calm in the face of the panic buying, which saw shoppers physically fighting each other for packs of loo roll over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the tally of Brits who have died of the virus has risen to four.

Perhaps if times get really tough, we’ll all have to have a go at Chapman’s game?

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