This new Netflix animated show is being hyped as the next ‘Squid Game’

This new Netflix animated show is being hyped as the next ‘Squid Game’

Within days of its premiere, a new Netflix series is being touted as the next Squid Game, with positive reviews pouring in.

Squid Game is still in the Netflix top 10 almost two months after its premiere and has been a worldwide phenomenon.

However, the tense drama may face some rivalry with the introduction of Arcane, which has earned a spot in the top 10 TV shows on the streaming service after its November 6 release.

With an IMDB score of 9.4 - it is currently the highest-rated Netflix original ... ever.

The series was created by Fortiche Productions and Riot Games, the same company that created the popular fantasy game League of Legends, albeit viewers unfamiliar with League will be able to follow along.

Arcane has an interesting release schedule, with three episodes released every week, possibly just enough to prompt fans’ interest without giving everything away all at once.

But if the reviews are any indication, it’s more than enough to impress viewers.

The animated series received a 100 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes’ ’Tomatometer,’ as well as a 98 per cent audience rating.

Franz Christian Irorita of Clutch Points said that Arcane’s ”storytelling makes its viewers invested in the show, especially having stunning animation as a bonus.”

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Decider also recommends streaming the show “even if you’re not a gamer or a fan of League of Legends.”

“Arcane will be more than entertaining enough to hold your interest, with an interesting story backed by amazing animation.”

According to FlixPatrol, which tracks the popularity of Netflix movies and episodes, Arcane was the most popular TV show on Netflix on Monday, followed by Squid Game and Narcos: Mexico, according to the most recent data.

With six out of the nine episodes of the season left to be aired, there’s plenty of time for more people to be lured in, and the positive response the series already has implied that it could be this month’s Squid Game.

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