Couple argue after husband tells in-laws their marriage is open

Couple argue after husband tells in-laws their marriage is open

Couple argue after husband tells in-laws their marriage is open


A man is fighting with his wife after telling her family their marriage is open.

Despite his wife wanting to keep the fact that their marriage is open a secret from her family, he was forced to come clean after his in-laws accused him of cheating after he was spotted with another woman.

Afterwards, his wife accused him of betraying her trust for spilling their "secret".

Posting to the Am I The A**hole subreddit, the 28-year-old sought the opinions of others over whether or not he was in the wrong in this situation.

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He explained that he has been with his 29-year-old wife for four years. As she comes from a religious family, they hide aspects of their marriage, such as their plans to be childfree and the fact their relationship is open.

Although they only see her family on special occasions and holidays, they have made the*ir disapproval over certain decisions made by the couple known. One of the biggest things they disapprove of, the Redditor says, is that they did not have their wedding in a church.

He said their relationship has been open since they started dating, and last week he met another girl at a bar and nothing seemed amiss.

However at Rebecca’s sister’s baby shower earlier this week, things took a turn.

He wrote: “We get there and everyone is glaring daggers at me. The whole thing is tense until we get to a slideshow [of] her sister showing pictures of the nursery and other baby stuff.

“In the slide show, there was a picture of me with the girl at the bar. It wasn’t an innocent picture and looking at it everyone would think I was cheating.

“The whole family starts yelling at me and calling me a cheater and how dare I do this to Rebecca. I look at Rebecca for help but she just stays quiet. I try to get them to calm down but nothing is working.

“So I just yell out 'Rebecca and I have an open marriage'. This causes everyone to start freaking out even more and we quickly leave.”

In the car on the way home Rebecca yelled at him for telling her family that their relationship is open.

She accused him of betraying her trust and said she fears this will ruin her relationship with her family.

He was annoyed, and asked if she would rather make him out to be a cheater than tell the truth.

They continued arguing for the rest of the car ride.

“I am sleeping on the couch,” he concluded.

The top comment, with 25,000 upvotes reads: “Your wife was perfectly willing to throw you under the bus, and that should put her on the couch, not you.”

“Your wife would rather you look like an awful cheater than tell the truth to her family and that is messed up,” another wrote.

Others were amazed that his sister-in-law included the picture in a baby shower slideshow.

“I can only imagine their plotting and scheming before y’all arrived,” one wrote.

Another said putting the image into the slideshow before even addressing his wife is “next level effed up”. They added: “The family set you up for full on shaming and ridicule at a BABY SHOWER! It’s one thing to confront you one on one. Quite another to publicly shame you like that.”

The commenter continued: “On your wife? I get it. She panicked. Didn’t know how to respond and didn’t want the angry mob of a**holes to turn on her. But there is no way if I were her, after the initial shock, that I would ever leave my wife to be pilloried and shamed by my family. Nope. Certainly wouldn’t be making her couch surf either.”

Responding to another commenter asking whether or not his wife knew about the “ambush”, the original poster said she suspected something was wrong with her sister, but didn’t know what it was.

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