Couple 'arrested' at own wedding following discovery that bride's dress was 'stolen' from groom’s ex-wife

Couple 'arrested' at own wedding following discovery that bride's dress was 'stolen' from groom’s ex-wife
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A bride and groom got arrested at their wedding after it was found that the bride’s wedding dress was stolen.

The wedding dress actually belonged to the groom’s ex-wife, and she called the police when a mutual friend texted her a picture on the wedding day to say how similar their dresses looked.

The bride was also wearing the ex-wife’s family heirlooms that mysteriously went missing when the groom and his ex divorced.

The mutual friend who shared the picture has since taken to the Am I The A**hole subreddit to seek outside opinions over whether or not they were in the wrong to alert the ex-wife about how similar the dresses seemed as she has since been accused of “ruining the wedding”.

The 38-year-old woman explained that she previously worked with ex-couple Mary and Adam. In time, Mary moved jobs, but the Redditor remained friends with her.

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The couple split up because Adam cheated on her, but when he moved out Mary's wedding dress and a few family heirlooms went missing. Mary assumed she misplaced them in a different box and figured they would turn up eventually.

Despite Mary leaving the company, Adam stayed and now works in the same department as the Redditor.

When he announced his engagement to Chelsea, the woman he cheated on Mary with, the whole department was invited to the nuptials.

On the day of the wedding, the Redditor noticed that Chelsea was wearing a dress that looked suspiciously similar to the dress Mary wore on her wedding day years ago.

She snapped a picture of the gown and sent it to Mary along with the caption “doesn’t this dress look familiar?”. Mary saw the message but didn’t reply.

An hour later the police, who the original poster said can be “ruthless” in their country, showed up at the wedding venue and the party descended into chaos.

The police asked Chelsea to remove the dress and jewellery, but she refused. The bride and groom started arguing with the police and they were eventually taken to the police station.

It later came out that Chelsea was wearing Mary’s wedding dress and family heirlooms, and when Mary spotted them in the picture she immediately called the police.

She previously asked Adam if he knew where they were, but he said he didn’t know where they were. After seeing the picture of his new bride wearing her dress and jewellery, it became clear that Adam lied and had stolen them.

The Redditor claimed: “Chelsea had to leave the wedding dress and jewellery at the police station and go home wearing her underwear and Adam's jacket after they were bailed out.

“Yesterday Adam returned to the office and went completely mental at me, blaming me for sending a picture to Mary and ruining his wedding, he would also call me an a**hole for what I did.”

Reddit was firmly on the original poster’s side, with commenters saying the whole situation is Adam’s fault.

The top comment, with 26,500 upvotes, says all the Redditor did was alert the ex-wife, and the blame for everything else lay with the groom.

Another couldn’t believe how he gave his new bride his ex’s dress and jewellery. One commenter asked: “I wonder if the new wife was told where he got them? I’d almost guarantee he made up a story about them being HIS family heirlooms.”

Another commenter said the original poster did the “right thing at the right time” as it was the only opportunity for the possessions to be “out in the open with time to get them”.

Others questioned whether or not the story is real at all. Some pointed out how it was unlikely that the police would haul the bride and groom into the station, and asked how Adam knew it was her who alerted Mary.

Either way, it’s food for thought. If you were in a similar situation, what would you do?

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