Mysterious arrow-shaped UFO spotted rotating in air leaves experts 'concerned'

Mysterious arrow-shaped UFO spotted rotating in air leaves experts 'concerned'
Jam Press

A mysterious arrow-shaped UFO has been spotted rotating in the air.

The authorities have vowed to analyse them.

The images were taken near the small town of El Escorial, Chubut, Argentina.

Photos show the suspected alien craft hovering above the Patagonian plains in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Local journalist Calaverita Mateos shared the images on social media with the message: “The best photos of a UFO in Chubut.”

He added: “Photos sent to me by a resident in the area who asked to remain anonymous.”

In the comments section, Mateos said his friend is a “field researcher” in the area who was concerned about having his name exposed.

Jam Press

The authorities said they will gather a team of experts to analyse them and provide an update at a later date.

Many locals were impressed, with one joking: “They are among us.”

Another said: “Why does the cameraperson want to remain anonymous?

“The photos are incredible, if they are real. I find it strange that he doesn't want to speak publicly.”

Miguel wrote: “This has to be seen by the Aerospace Verification Centre to corroborate their authenticity.

“At first glance, they’re very impressive. There are other organisations that can study these.”

Marcela pleaded: “Take me.”

Jaimo joked: “It’s the Millennium Falcon.”

However, Carlos commented: “They’re fake.”

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