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An Australian artist is selling an odd “sculpture” in the form of a pickle taken from a McDonald’s cheeseburger that was flung onto a ceiling.

Matthew Griffin, the artist in question, has an exhibition at The Michael Lett Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand, until Saturday, where this piece is one of his four works on display.

The artwork, simply called “Pickle,” is also up for sale NZ$10,000 (£5,179/US$6,302).

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If you see this and thought the art was hilarious, Ryan Moore, the director of Fine Arts, Sydney, which represents Griffin, admitted that it was funny.

“A humorous response to the work is not invalid – it’s OK because it is funny,” he said in conversation with The Guardian.

He also told the outlet that Griffin’s work also begs the question of the ways in which “value and meaning is generated between people.”

Moore further said that he isn’t bothered by what is considered art or not.

“Whether something is valuable and meaningful as the artwork is the way that we collectively, as a society, choose to use it or talk about it,” he told the outlet.

“As much as this looks like a pickle attached to the ceiling – and there is no artifice there, that is exactly what it is – there is something in the encounter with that as a sculpture or a sculptural gesture.”

If “Pickle” is sold, a pickle enthusiast will be provided with instructions on how to recreate the piece at home, which most likely won’t be hard to recreate.

“The gesture is so pure, so joyful. That is what makes it so good,” Moore continued.

Fine Arts, Sydney’s exhibition that’s hosted at Michael Lett, is continuing until July 30.

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