Artists kicked out of Art Basel after milking woman's breasts and auctioning the milk for $200k

Artists kicked out of Art Basel after milking woman's breasts and auctioning the milk for $200k
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Two artists at Miami's Art Basel in Miami were kicked out of the international art fair after milking a woman's breasts, then auctioning it off for $200,000.

OONA and Lori Baldwin, the artists in question, staged a performance called "Milking the Artist."

According to TMZ, the artists began the artistic display by screaming about the fetishism of the female breast before OONA started to squeeze milk out of her breast, which was auctioned.

The first glass of milk that was sold was reportedly for 50 Ethereum ($64,000), while the second glass was sold for 158 Ethereum ($200,000), all before both artists were strongly escorted from the event.

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"Is this not art? Does a breast need to be in a painting or a sculpture to be valuable?" said OONA in a video obtained by the outlet.

She was donning a black leather-looking coat, white paints with black lettering on it, and black heeled boots.

Baldwin was wearing white from head to toe and started the bidding at $10,000, which increased to $200,000.

In a video shared on both artists' Instagram pages, it shows them milking the breast as onlookers filmed and took pictures.

Both artists took to their joint website to share their thoughts about art fairs, saying they treat breasts like "dead objects."

"At most art fairs, bare boobs only exist in paintings - framed like dead objects. Here the breasts are audacious because they are attached to a living consenting body,' OONA wrote.

Baldwin also wrote that the performative display toys "with context and its relationship to value" while "raising the floor price of feminist performance art."

Elsewhere, OONA and Baldwin's display was a performance that seeks to question peoples' "obsession" with the objectification of women.

Art Basel is an international art fair held in Miami, Florida, that forms a bridge between art patrons and galleries worldwide.

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