As an antidote to 'Black Friday', bookshops are laying on 'Civilised Saturday'

To combat the long queues, stress and consumerist hellhole that envelops high streets on "Black Friday", British bookshops have proposed a day of mince pies, Prosecco and comfy chairs.

November 28 will see the inaugural "Civilised Saturday", just 24 hours after the annual discounting frenzy.

Initially proposed by Tim Walker, the president of the Booksellers Association, the Guardian reports that around 100 bookshops have now signed up.

It’s about discounts, it’s about a feeding frenzy, so we said why don’t we have a ‘Civilised Saturday’, which shows that what booksellers offer is an informed, civilised environment for people to make purchases.

  • Alan Staton, Booksellers Association

Initially exported from the US, where it takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, "Black Friday" saw scuffles, fights and even arrests in the UK last year. This year promises more of the same.

As an antidote, or perhaps just as some well-needed recovery afterwards, bookshops from as far afield as Crickhowell in Wales to Edinburgh in Scotland will be offering their customers things like mulled wine, art and singing, as well as plenty of cups of tea.

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