There are a few instances where real life resembles a cartoon. This is one of those times.

Two teenagers used a long trench coat to try and get through to a Black Panther screening after buying only one ticket.

The video of the duo was posted by Twitter user @stevelikescups. We’re not sure why the boys decided to do it (was it for a discount? Was it for the retweets?). Whatever the reason, we’re here for it.

Picture:Picture: @stevelikescups 

The duo had confidently walked up to the ticket counter and asked for one ticket to Black Panther, but the cinema employee was having none of it.

Picture:Picture: @stevelikescups/Twitter 

He told them to “get down”.

The boy asked “get down from what?”

Sadly, they were unsuccessful in procuring a ticket.

Picture@Picture: @stevelikescups/Twitter 

They get a solid ‘A’ for effort though.

It was a total Vincent Adultman moment.

Though they were unsuccessful, people loved them for it anyway.

And wondered where they got the huge coat.

But mostly, there was lots of this...

And this.

The video was viewed millions of time in Instagram, and shared hundreds of thousands of times on Twitter.

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