Audio illusion leaves people hearing possibly nine different things from a crowd chant

Forget the Laurel v Yanny debate.

This audio illusion has left people divided over what a crowd is saying due to the several possible interpretations.

TikToker, Kegan Stiles, posed the question, “What do you hear?” to his followers as the crowd sound played.

You can watch the video in full here.

He offers nine possible options via text captions, here are the following phrases that you may be able to hear:

  • “Bart Simpson bouncing”
  • “Rotating pirate ship”
  • “That isn’t my receipt”
  • “Lobsters in motion”
  • “That is embarrassing”
  • “Lactates in pharmacy”
  • “I’m chasing Martian”
  • “Baptism piracy”
  • “That isn’t mercy”

Pretty random, right?

Obviously, people must have been intrigued by the audio illusion as the clip now has 13.5m views and 1.5m likes since it was posted four days ago.


Tens of thousands of people have commented on the video, sharing their thoughts are to which phrase the crowd is saying.

One person said: “I HEAR EVERYTHING.”

“It’s crazy how it’s whatever one you look at,” another person wrote.

Someone else said: “I heard all of them besides the rotating pirate ship.”

“I hear whatever one I read at that second and now I’ll never trust myself again,” a fourth person replied.

Many even went as far as to say and the audio illusion is “the next Laurel Yanny” - another audio illusion that became popular back in 2018.

One person wrote: “This is the next ‘Laurel Yanny’ thing, I’m calling it.”

“The new Yanny Laurel,” another person commented.

However, some made it clear that they weren’t convinced with the illusion and said “That is embarrassing” is the correct answer.

“It’s very clearly sports fans repeating ‘that is embarrassing’. Also helps that none of the other word combinations makes any sense for people to be chanting,” one person said.

Another commented: “The clip is actually them saying that is embarrassing.”

The chanting audio clip appears to come from Derby Country fans as it is listed as this on the TikTok.

One person wrote: “Read the sound and you will get the answer.”

“PS look at the sound,” someone else replied.

So it appears the answer is much simpler than we first thought.

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