A horrifying clip from a 90s Aussie kids TV show is terrifying the internet

A horrifying clip from a 90s Aussie kids TV show is terrifying the internet
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A scene from the 90s Australian children's TV series Round The Twist has gone viral with people describing the clip as the stuff of "nightmares."

The show was based on the short stories of children’s author Paul Jennings and followed the supernatural adventures of the Twist family who lived in a haunted lighthouse.

In this particular episode from the first season called "Know All," a trunk full of circus clothes washes up on the shore near the lighthouse and the kids (being kids) decide to try them on.

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They also dress up their scarecrow with some of the circus clothes - which would turn out to be a big mistake.

Turns out the garms are haunted, as young Linda soon discovers when the scarecrow comes to life as it creepily changes position before menacingly sticking its tongue out as it manages to pull itself off the spike it's attached to.

A chase is well and truly on as the scarecrow follows Linda who runs back into the house.

Locking the door, Linda looks out the window to see where the possessed scarecrow has gone, when suddenly it appears creating a jump-scare as it bangs on the door.

Then in an insane move - and despite being made just from straw - the scarecrow smashes the window by jumping through it and lands on the floor.

Grabbing Linda's leg from under the bed, a follow-up tweet continues the scene where the scarecrow then chases Linda as she ran down the spiral staircase.

In a bizarre move, the scarecrow channels its inner skater boy and it uses a piece of the wood door to glide down the steps with ease.

A truly wild sequence of events for children's telly.

The first clip has been shared by @horror4kids on Twitter and has received over 20,000 likes from adults who are all in agreement that this scene scared the life out of them in their childhood and was also the reason behind their fear of scarecrows.

After watching this horrifying scene, we will never look at scarecrows the same way again ...

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