<p>People appear to be panic buying again as some places in Queensland goes into a three day lockdown</p>

People appear to be panic buying again as some places in Queensland goes into a three day lockdown

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A scathing note has gone viral after attacking customers bulk-buying toilet roll amid new lockdown restrictions in some parts of Australia.

Reddit user Captain_cranky_au posted the photo of the letter claiming he saw it at a Woolworths on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The letter takes aim at panic buyers, branding them as “f**kwits” and “b******ds.” Queensland is currently in a three-day lockdown due to the rising cases of the COVID-19 Delta variant within the state.

Woolworths confirmed the poster was not put up by staff and it had not been seen by any of the store’s employees since the photo was posted online. Therefore, they believe the message was the work of a customer, News.com.au reported.

“LISTEN UP SH*THEADS,” the letter is titled, aiming to get the attention of customers.

“We have a simple message to all of those idiots jamming our stores and carparks.

“We’ve got plenty of food and other items in stock. We’ve got warehouses full of them.

The letter lambasting customers that was posted onto RedditReddit/Captain_cranky_au

“We won’t run out unless you b******* keep listening to other bogans on social media and snap up every item we stock before it even hits the shelf.”

It goes on to talk about toilet paper, specifically.

“As for toilet paper, for f**k sake stop asking for it. We have plenty to go around if only morons like you stop buying every roll for no good reason,” they wrote.

People responded on social media:

Although the photo of the letter in the toilet paper aisle appears to be new, the same letter went viral last year when first coronavirus lockdown restrictions began.

The Reddit post has since been upvoted over 15,000 times and people have been commenting in agreement with the letter.

One person wrote: “To all the dip***** who panic and buy up every bog roll in the city, stop it. We’re not going to run out. Ever.”

“People panic buying toilet paper in my area were buying paper literally made in the next suburb.

“The industrial estate which is a two minute drive from my local woolies contains one of the countries bigger toilet paper manufacturing sites,” another person commented.

While others saw the funny side to the humorous call-out to customers.

Someone added: “Must be planning to sh*t themselves to death.”

“Haha too funny. I’m surprised those three toilet paper packages are still standing there,” a fourth person replied.

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