Woman resorts to desperate measures after huntsman spider scare

Woman resorts to desperate measures after huntsman spider scare
Huntsman spider interrupts Australian Covid press briefing
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An Australian woman who was at her wit’s end with finding huntsman spiders in her house has resorted to unorthodox methods to get rid of them.

The unnamed woman is a resident of a Sydney inner west suburb called Summer Hill in Australia.

In a post on Facebook, the woman revealed she was experiencing a “terrifying” problem with huntsman spiders in her home.

She detailed how she had been terrified by recently finding another one in her kitchen and felt forced to seek help on the social media site.

The woman posted on her local community group Facebook page, writing: “Hi Everyone! Just wondering if you know anyone who can/doesn’t mind catching spiders in people’s houses to relocate as opposed to killing them?

“I’m terrified of them but understand that they’re generally harmless and I don’t want to resort to killing them as I previously have.”

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While the spiders are big, they are largely harmless to humans. They can bite humans, but generally, these do not require hospital treatment.

Still, the woman was keen to have them removed from her home in the most humane way possible.

She even resorted to asking if there were neighbourhood teenagers who would like to earn some money by removing huntsmans from her house.

She continued: “Is there a service that does this? Or any teens who’d like to get a bit of pocket money to do this?

“Found another huntsman in my kitchen just now and of course I freakout out. He has run away though and I’m now paranoid and on edge as to where he’ll pop up again.”

It’s unclear if any brave youngsters took the woman up on her unusual offer.

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