Australians are sharing stories of poisonous bites and they are truly terrifying

Australians are sharing stories of poisonous bites and they are truly terrifying
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The internet has been left absolutely horrified by Australians sharing their experiences of being bitten by venomous and poisonous animals.

Australia is well-known for its variety of deadly animals and many of its citizens grew up learning how to deal with potential injuries inflicted by them.

In a Reddit thread on the r/AskAnAustralian subreddit, one user asked Aussies what happened if and when they were bitten by an animal – the responses were terrifying.

One Redditor replied with their story of a spider bite, writing: “White tail spider when I was a teen. I was vomiting and dizzy, then leg cramps which resulted in a blistering type of scab.

“I had to go to the Dr every 2nd for a fortnight to get her scab treated. No long term problems.”

Another was bitten by a huntsman spider the “size of a dinner plate”. They said: “Huntsman spider, that crawled into bed with me, while sleeping I rolled on top of it and squashed half its legs, it escaped but after it bit me three times….

“Didn't realise that I had been bitten until I got ready for work having a shower and felt lethargic to the point I was dizzy and had to lie down in the shower.

“My Mum found me lying down shivering in the shower with three puncture wounds one in my lower back, one near my groin and one on my thigh which was massively inflamed.”

They continued: “My symptoms for the 2 weeks after were pins and needles feeling around the bite sites; sore joints like when having the flu and a constant throbbing headache.”

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One user replied saying their husband was bitten by a scorpion while out hiking and they had to apply constant pressure to stop the pain radiating up his arm.

They explained: “The pain was pretty bad, we used our binocular strap to form type of compression bandage. Every time he tried to take it off the pain started to radiate up his arm immediately.

“Took several hours for the effect to wear off. He rang his local med centre and they didn’t even know there were scorpions in the area!! Let alone how to treat it.

“He no longer picks up interesting pieces of metal while we’re out hiking!”

Truly horrifying.

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