A pumpkin painted as Thanos has inspired a hilarious Photoshop battle

A pumpkin painted as Thanos has inspired a hilarious Photoshop battle

At Halloween, there are few things better than carving and decorating a pumpkin in very inventive ways.

Be it superheroes, Star Wars or Harry Potter, pop culture has become a go to source for many pumpkin artists at this time of year.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular characters this year will be the Marvel's big bad; Thanos, aka The Mad Titan, aka The King of the Memes.

One person, going by the username of MOVIEREVOLT, has already shared the pumpkin Thanos online, complete with a pumpkin Infinity Gauntlet, and it has become something of a hit on Reddit.

This picture was then shared in a Reddit Photoshop Battle thread and let's just say that things started to get really weird.

Daedagon kicked things off by simply placing pumpkin Thanos into a still from Avengers: Infinity War.


Then people started to make other cultural references, which is when things started to get really surreal.



How about if Thanos decided to move into politics?


Things then became way too meta as someone managed to swap Thanos with the Anna Kendrick book cover that was behind the original pumpkin.


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