Medic reveals terrifying truth of what babies look like in MRI scans

We all know unborn babies are beautiful little miracles, but they don’t necessarily look that way if you put them under an MRI scan.

That’s what one medical student revealed when he showed TikTok users snapshots of what he described as the “the creepiest and funniest thing I’ve seen in medicine.”

The doctor, who goes by the username MadMedicine, said that he and his colleagues don’t tend to show expecting mothers MRI images for fear of terrifying them.

“I don’t think any expecting mothers would want to see this,” he laughed. “First of all I don’t know how I would explain this [...] like, ‘hey, this is the thing growing inside of you’.”

So, without any further ado, here’s what those scans reveal…

The TikToker said that ‘for the mother’s sake’ medics tend to keep the scans to themselvesMadMedicine/TikTok

Unveiling the snapshots, the medic described one of them as “straight out of a nightmare”, while in a follow-up video he accepted fellow TikTokers’ suggestions that it bore an uncanny resemblance to… Mr Bean.

The likeness is pretty remarkableMadMedicine/TikTok

The original clip and follow-up vids have now racked up more than 2 million views, with users describing the pictures as demonic or straight out of a horror movie.

“We were once demons,” one commented.

“Wow, I knew I had an alien in me,” said another.

“Was I the only one that thought the second one looked a little like Homer Simpson?” a third asked.

Others were reminded of the pug MRI scans that previously sent the internet into meltdown.

Meanwhile, others likened the baby heads to the characters in Tim Burton’s 1996 film Mars Attacks! or the murderous doll in the Chucky films, or just a “cursed jelly baby”.

And scores of users joked that the images had put them off having children entirely.

Our advice? Just ask your doctors to keep the scans to themselves...

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