Woman gives her baby a 'cool' name despite it being illegal where she lives

Woman gives her baby a 'cool' name despite it being illegal where she lives
I gave my baby a cool, unique name — but it's illegal …
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An Australian mum has no regrets about her baby's name – despite being illegal in her area.

For context, the Registrar can in fact refuse to register a name if it happens to cause offence or is obscene. Titles and religious categories are also grey areas – which one TikToker learnt for herself.

In a viral stitch clip, Isabella Veronica Hayes, 23, responded to a clip that asked whether any mums regretted their choice of baby name.

Isabella immediately said no, explaining to her 3 million viewers that she initially wanted to call her baby 'Commodore', but discovered it was illegal because it's the title given to a high-ranking naval officer.

Instead, she added Holden before it, making him 'Holden Commodore'.

"He will be 1 [year old] very, very soon, and I do not regret it at all. I think Holden Commodore suits him perfectly," she said, before adding: "I know that people are going to probably start copying me with the name because it’s so cool."

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#stitch with @Gabby Lamb I do not regret naming my child Holden commodore 😇🙌 #noregrats

Holden Commodore also doubles up as a famous car built in Australia between 1978 and 2017 – which unfortunately gave TikTokers an easy target.

"Are you guys still coming to Toyota Hilux’s birthday on Saturday? Just needing to confirm numbers," one humoured, while another added: "Please tell me you're joking!"

A third claimed to have "taught a boy called Holden, his brother was Ford, and his two younger sisters were Celica and Mercedes. " She added: "I kid you not..."

"The very last Holden Commodore made in Australia," one comedic TikToker wrote, while another comment had fellow users in hysterics, writing: "If my son is anything like me I'm gonna call him Ford falcon cause he'll break down all the time."

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