Woman told her baby's name will cause issues after giving it a name that's a verb

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A mother has been criticised for giving her newborn daughter an unusual name that’s actually a verb, but she insists it is not pronounced as you’d expect.

In modern times, it seems baby names are becoming more unusual and creative, but some have been criticised for being just a bit too out there.

One woman revealed her unusual name choice in a social media post, sharing an image of herself and her baby girl.

The post, captioned, “The worst one I’ve seen this week. The pronunciation is even worse”, was shared in a Reddit group focussed on names where it divided opinion.

Text overlaying the image read: “We welcomed a beautiful little girl into this world named Imagine in 2018. (Em-ah-jen).”

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The post sparked a whole host of reactions among Redditors, with many left baffled by the spelling and the very different way the mother wanted her baby’s name to be pronounced.

In the comments, one perplexed user replied: “Imogen was right there.”

Someone else replied, suggesting: “Was this supposed to be Imogen but they didn't know how to spell it? Ooooof.”

Another wrote: “You can’t just name your kid a regular word and say it’s pronounced completely different?!???? You can’t….????”

It was also pointed out: “They've consigned Imagine to a whole lot of future problems. From her first day of kindergarten, she's going to have to correct her teachers, substitutes, administrators, and anyone else who reads her name out.

“(I know what I'm talking about; my own name has five letters, and has been mangled endlessly.) It doesn't seem like a huge problem, but it's going to get really tiresome for Imagine.”

“Em-ah-jen all the people…,” another Redditor joked.

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