Baby sea lion breaks into restaurant in San Diego, sits at table

A hungry sea lion has been rescued from a restaurant in San Diego, California after it was found occupying a dining booth.

The pup climbed 145 stairs to sit down to a prime table at the ocean view restaurant, apparently in a search for food.

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Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

The Guardian reports that after the pup was found by restaurant staff in 'The Marine Room', SeaWorld park staff were called to help return it to safety.

The severely underweight and dehydrated eight-month-old female received a big meal after its rescue and is currently being treated.

Scientists say the local sea lions' food supply has been affected by ocean temperatures and El Niño, leading to a recent population decline.

Sea World replied to Bernard Guillas, executive chef at the Marine Room, who posted on Facebook about the pup and called for rescuer support.

A spokesperson wrote:

SeaWorld came to the aid of this young sea lion this morning and she is now in the care of our amazing Rescue Team.

They are currently optimistic of a recovery for the pup, saying she's taking on lots of fluids.

Guillas later joked on Facebook:

She was a little bit early for her high tide breakfast reservation.

You stay classy, San Diego.

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