Baby boy born with thick brown hair becomes a social media star

Baby boy born with thick brown hair becomes a social media star

He might only have been in the world for three months, but this newborn baby is already making waves for his luscious locks.

Tot Jaxon-James Ayers was born eight weeks premature with “surprisingly” thick hair.

It has continued to grow at an accelerated rate on both his head and across the rest of his body.

Now three months old, his mum Shannon Ayres said she loves to show him off, but was stunned by the scale of the reaction when she shared pictures on him on social media.

Shortly after being born, Jaxon-James was diagnosed with a rare congenital condition called hyperinsulinism that effects around one in 50,000 newborn babies.

To keep his sugar levels in a healthy state, he must have regular feeds and medication known as Diazoxide.

But a side effect of this is hair growth which has led to Jaxon having a ‘much more on top’ than an average baby boy.

Shannon Ayres / SWNS.COM

Shannon, who lives in Northern Ireland with her newborn son, told BelfastLive: “People are always shocked when they see him and the amount of hair he has. Some people would joke that he will be ready for a haircut soon.

“I started posting him on social media after he was born. I feel like any other parent that has just had a newborn, I feel proud and wanted to show him off to the world.

“I really didn’t expect for any of my content to go viral, but yes it’s all about his hair and people were so surprised.

“Like anything on social media you have to expect the bad with the good. I sometimes get accused of drawing on his eyebrows and using a filter for his hair.

“I honestly found this funny. But overall the reactions have been lovely.“

Hyperinsulinism affects about one in 50,000 babies. It means the boy’s pancreas produces too much insulin which causes his sugar levels to be extremely low, helped by a medication called Diazoxide – the side effect of which is hair growth.

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