Alarm clocks ringing across the UK this morning officially marked the end of the 2021/22 festive period.

After an indulgent few weeks of being draped across the couch and plundering tins of Quality Street, it’s back to the figurative office for many in the UK after the Christmas and New Year’s break and yesterday’s bank holiday.

Although some are raring to get back into a routine, not everyone is happy about it:

It seems some forgot a few basics about their job while they were off:

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Specsavers appear to have captured the mood by sharing a special pair of glasses that could help us through today:

Some tried to lighten the mood by sharing adorable pictures of their pets:

Not to worry - Friday isn’t too far away (at least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves).

Sadly the next bank holiday isn’t until April but on the bright side, there are only another 355 days until next Christmas…

We’ll start marking it off on our calendars.

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