Millions Are Downloading BeReal But Not Many Are Using It
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BeReal has taken over social media in recent months – especially for Gen-Zers.

Launched in 2020, the platform has garnered an impressive 21.6 million active monthly users. It gives people the opportunity to snap two photos simultaneously from the back and front camera to share with friends.

There's been a string of toxic trends in modern-day dating. This includes 'ghosting', 'breadcrumbing' and a new entry for the festive season, 'winter coating', which entails reaching out to an old flame for company during the colder months.

But now, BeReal's popularity has since made its own mark in dating, with a newfound (and not so toxic) trend: "bae-realing."

Coined by the dating site Plenty of Fish (PoF), it is said to describe the change in how people are now attracting partners online. The curated Instagram feeds are a thing of the past, and singles are now looking towards more candid and up-front social media styles.

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PoF described bae-realing as "the rise of authentic and true-self dating profiles where singles share unfiltered pictures, honest commentary and play no games."

They found that 69 per cent of singles confessed to using filters when online dating in the past – but now, 74 per cent feel comfortable enough to post unfiltered pictures on their profile.

The app also found that 87 per cent of people struggle to find time for romance, and so, "being real" helps skip to the good bits, and avoid wasting energy on superficial arrangements.

Bae-realing is easy, according to the app.

All people need to do is audit their social media and dating profiles and remove photos that are overly flattering or don't represent who you truly are.

Dr Cortney S. Warren, certified clinical psychologist and author, previously suggested in a 2019 PoF study: "The truth is, singles want more honest, authentic depictions of others and themselves on dating apps.

"A more realistic portrayal of each individual will not only be refreshing but also lead to more meaningful connections."

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