<p>Bartender is creeped out by male customer. </p>

Bartender is creeped out by male customer.


A bartender went viral after sharing a TikTok where a male customer asked to see her feet.

Kayla Elick, 22, posted the video on TikTok under the username @chickfillkayyy, which now has over 3.8 million views.

In the video, Elick can be seen standing behind the bar when a male customer approaches.


it was 10 am #bartender

“Can I see your feet just once?” the man asks.

“My what?” Kayla responds.

“Your feet,” he repeats.

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“My feet?”

Uncomfortable, Elick lifts up her left foot and quickly puts it down.

The man says: “No, those are shoes.”

Elick immediately responds, “I’m not pulling out my feet.”

The bartender says she initially started recording because she was working alone and already felt uncomfortable by the customer’s presence. The incident took place at 10 am, during a morning shift. Elick also responded to comments saying she should’ve charged an extra $100 to his tab by saying that the man eventually left without paying his tab at all.

This is one of several TikToks that hav gone viral in recent months that depict bartenders being made to feel uneasy or unsafe by male customers. Last month, user @kaylagovernor secretly filmed a man repeated making sexual advances towards her as she calmly told him no over and over again. These types of TikToks have sparked a discussion around safety procedures and protocols in the workplace, as many restaurants and bars seem to have very little in order to protect employees from harassment.

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