Bartender secretly films customer harassing her at work

<p>Face coverings in night clubs could be part of roadmap to reopening</p>

Face coverings in night clubs could be part of roadmap to reopening


A bartender filmed herself being harassed by a male customer during her shift - to show just how

TikTok user Kayla Governor (@kaylagovernor) posted the video with the caption, “In case anyone was wondering what women have to deal with while bartending” last week. Since then, the TikTok has garnered over 435,000 views and 34,000 likes.

With her phone concealed underneath the bar, viewers can hear a man asking Governor why she isn’t interested in him.

“I am not doing that, no,” she says.


Incase anyone was wondering what women have to deal with while bartending… #fyp #bartending

“Why not?” the man asks.

“‘Cause I don’t want to,” Governor says.

“It’s the least you could do.”


“I took good care of you today. You made so much money off me.”

Governor remains firm and polite, even when the man’s language becomes more sexual in nature, saying “and that ass though” and asking if she has a boyfriend.

“I don’t want it,” she repeats.

The man answers: “I just feel like you don’t know that you want it.”

The customer continues to harass her for the rest of the video, which ends with him abruptly turning his attention to another girl and asking if she’s ever “drank alcohol before.”

Governor has made several follow-up TikTok videos responding to hateful comments that blame her for the man’s behavior.

In one video, a commenter tells Governor that the man’s behavior is “sh*tty” but that she “chose it” because of the supposed way bartenders dress. Governor replies that she works at a Buffalo Wild Wings, which is technically a restaurant with a bar in it, and although she doesn’t dress provocatively at work, she still wouldn’t deserve the harassment if she did.

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Reply to @user0p6t1kp94a sexually harassed I should of said not assaulted

Another commenter tells Governor that she clearly enjoys the attention, because she would simply quit if she didn’t. Governor simply responds that she can’t quit because the job is her only source of income, and that it’s unfortunately just something that comes along with being a female bartender.


Reply to @this.isnt.jesse.bruh

Her last follow-up video explains that the man stayed for the duration of her shift and ordered another drink at last call. Governor states that the manager working at the time was a woman “smaller than her” and that she was worried he might’ve become angry if she ignored him completely. After the bar closed, the man continued to stand outside and have a cigarette. Governor was afraid to leave and asked her boyfriend to come to the bar and escort her out. The man left once he saw Governor’s boyfriend.


Reply to @mikehagertime86 haha I’ve never talked on tiktok before hope this helps

Sexual harassment is an ongoing problem for bartenders, with in-restaurant bars usually lacking security.

“For anyone saying that bartenders deserve this,” Governor says, “You’re weird.”

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