People are calling this baseball national anthem performance the 'worst of all time'

People are calling this baseball national anthem performance the 'worst of all time'
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American singer Conan Gray, 23, is receiving some backlash for what many are calling "the worst national anthem rendition" during a Major League Baseball game on Monday.

He was slammed on social media soon after singing the Star-Spangled Banner at the Home Run Derby at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

People on both Twitter and Instagram mocked Gray's performance, believing it was off-pitch and off-key.

"One person on Twitter wrote: "I just wanna know who tf looked at Conan Gray and said 'oh yeah, he's perfect to sing the national anthem.'"

"Fergie watching people call Conan Gray's performance the worst national anthem rendition," another added.

They were referencing the artist's infamous 2018 performance that was considered a disaster.

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A third who also played into the Fergie comparison wrote: "Conan Gray giving us his best attempt at Fergie."

Gray, who has over 21 million monthly listeners on Spotify, reached stardom through YouTube, where he uploaded music videos as a teenager from Texas.

His second album, Superache was released in June and was critically acclaimed. It also reached the top 10 in both the US and UK.

Gray's fans did come to his defence, pointing out that he can sing; it just wasn't his singing style.

"Everyone hating on Conan gray for his national anthem, go stream Superache and tell me he's bad after that. I'll wait," one wrote.

"Conan gray literally can sing, but it's not every time that artists will do well live.

"Y'all are acting like he killed your family; just calm down," another added.

Someone else wrote: "Me explaining to sports fans how Conan Gray is an excellent artist, the star-spangled banner just isn't a good song for his voice, and if people listened to his music, they'd see he's an amazing singer."

Gray hasn't addressed the backlash over his performance yet.

But on Tuesday, he did share photos of himself having fun at the game.

Juan Soto, who plays for the Washington Nationals, won the 2022 MLB Home Run Derby, knocking off Seattle Mariners rookie Julio Rodríguez in the finals.

This is Soto's first Derby title for him, who has been at the centre of trade rumoursin the most recent days

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