A BBC news presenter mistakenly introduced her colleague as 'Sarah Jessica Parker'

A BBC news presenter mistakenly introduced her colleague as 'Sarah Jessica Parker'

There haven't been too many days in the past three years where we have longed to hear the Brexit opinions of Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker but today is one of those.

In a bizarre moment on BBC News on Friday afternoon, presenter Joanna Gosling introduced her colleague political correspondent Jessica Parker outside of parliament.

However, in a momentary lapse of concentration she inexplicably called Parker 'Sarah Jessica Parker' in an unexpected nod to the woman that brought Carrie Bradshaw to life on the small screen.

In the clip she says:

Well, let's get the thoughts of our political correspondent, Sarah Jessica Parker, she is here with me at Westminster.

After realising her mistake Gosling apologies She says: "I called you Sarah Jessica Parker."

The Parker in question didn't seem to mind very much and thanked her saying that SJP is a "very glamorous woman."

Gosling then asks her if this happens all the time, which it apparently doesn't.

The presenter then adds that she once called Bridget Kendall 'Bridget Jones.' At this point, we're certain that Gosling is a fan of the early 2000s rom-coms and would rather talk about those than Brexit.

The moment has been captured and shared online by BuzzFeed's Scott Bryan and it might be our favourite moment outside of Westminster all year.

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