Ben Shapiro left speechless by student's NSFW response during debate

Ben Shapiro left speechless by student's NSFW response during debate
Ben Shapiro tried to teach politics to children and it went very ...

While speaking at a college in North Carolina, political commentator Ben Shapiro was left speechless when a student trying to debate his ideas threw a very NSFW insult at him.

Shapiro, 36, was speaking at a Young Americans Foundation event at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro (UNCG) on the topic of transgender people - specifically trying to undermine gender fluidity and non-binary people.

But one student has a major problem with this. A math and physics student named Quinton attempted to debate Shapiro on his ideas saying, "most of what you're saying is based on old data."

The two got into a heated exchange momentarily when Quinton tried to correct Shapiro but Shapiro remained firm that his research was correct and recently updated.

"You sound like a bozo bro," the student said out of frustration, "and you get no p**** and you can't even make your wife wet bro."

The sudden explicit insult left the audience booing and Shapiro speechless.

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The meme-worthy moment was reminiscent of the time Shapiro read the lyrics to WAP on his show on his show.

Quinton tried to further explain his point by explaining that "gender binary is a western colonists' framework of gender". The student used other cultures that do not recognize men and women in traditional gender roles as examples.

Before Quinton could finish his point, Shapiro interrupted him to say other cultures are "incorrect" for having a third gender or non-conforming gender roles.

The two ended their debate trying to justify their knowledge and education levels on the subject.

Quinton tried to reiterate his education and knowledge level on the subject and Shapiro tried to undermine it by saying, "as a mathematician and physicist what in the hell do you know about human biology?"

The crowd of young conservatives erupted in applause for Shapiro's clap-back at Quinton.

Although Quinton tried to ask Shapiro what he also knows about human biology since Shapiro has a law degree but his efforts were fruitless.

Eventually, the student walked away from the microphone, giving up on the opportunity to convince Shapiro he may be wrong about gender.

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